At Laughter Lawyer USA we know that everyone is entitled to have a happy childhood, and if they didn’t have one, then they are allowed to create one for themselves! We believe that everything we ever needed to know about how to get along with others we learned on the playground when we were kids. That is why we have designed a series of programs and workshops to help children and the child at heart to “go back to the playground” to laugh a little and learn (or re-learn) how to “play nice!”

As a conflict manager and resilience trainer, I help students, organizations and individuals increase their conflict resolution abilities by acquiring anger management skills through participation in trust building exercises, peace games and therapeutic laughter. I especially enjoy working with professionals in high- level stress positions and help them become more productive and creative by the use of positive activities interventions, therapeutic laughter and applied positive psychology strategies. I “put stress under arrest” by:

Re-framing Thinking

Reforming Bad Habits

Re-structuring Public Image

By entering my conflict – resolution skills education “playground”, together we can develop the skills to be agents of peace in any setting! We can make our world, our workplace and our homes more fulfilling by being more cheerful, childlike and creative in order to bring energy and joy to any task we undertake!

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