About Laughter Lawyer USA

What is Laughter Lawyer USA’s Conflict Resolution Skills Training Playground?

Everything you ever needed to know. How to be happy and to get along with others. You learned on the playground! We learned risk taking, trust building, humor, how to set boundaries and what might be “right behavior” and “wrong behavior” when we went to the sandbox, didn’t we? Well, some of us did anyway – while others of us may have picked up mixed messages and now as grownups continue to be “mixed up” about collaboration and peace making. At our center, we use the ideas of an amazing array of thinkers, scientists, storytellers and clowns to rebuild and reawaken the child within us to learn how to become more child-like, not childish! Check out our Acknowledgments page to see how many wonderful people have contributed to building our playground to make it fun and accessible to everyone!

Laughter Lawyer USA’s Playground is an unorthodox interdisciplinary approach to conflict resolution for children and the child at heart with the purpose of helping everyone go back to the playground, laugh a little and “play nice!”

Curriculum for conflict resolution for children and the child at heart are shared with those interested in a multi-disciplinary approach which includes the use of therapeutic laughter, compassionate clowning, improvisational theatre, world music, story telling, cultural diversity training, inter-faith harmony, peace games and even pets as a vehicle for learning or relearning anger management skills, team building, stress reduction and peacemaking! Participants are introduced to various conflict areas of the world and some of the initiatives that have successfully brought opposing camps to collaborate and share joys and struggles. Participants are introduced to theories on positive psychology, effective leadership and the development of emotional intelligence as well as the use of the World Laughter Tour fundamentals of therapeutic laughter and Good Hearted Living.