Center For Spiritual Laughter

Inter faith harmony is an essential building block for peace in this generation. In order to further multi-cultural and interfaith understanding, Laughter Lawyer USA has partnered with Sajid Chrisopher and Human Friends International and with the former Organizer of the Preserve the Sacred Mounds in Tennessee, Songre Rodrique, to provide participants with a journey around the world from far off Pakistan to exploring Native American Spirituality and how it is developed right here in the United States. Sajid has been a serious advocate for religious equality and has faced persecution for fomenting programs between Christians and Muslims in Pakistan. Likewise, Songra has battled long and hard for the protection of sacred spaces, mounds and burial remains of Native American in Tennessee. Two Sundancers– Songra Rodrique and Loren Hughes , an early advocate for the use of traditional sweat lodges in Shelby County tell the stories of the ancient Ones. Children and the child-at-heart are introduced to the struggles that many people around the world have suffered for their faith as well as the joys of peacemaking through shared common values regardless of religion. Laughter Lawyer USA also has endeavored to help provide accurate portrayals of Native American history and other cultural and religious histories which may not have been depicted in historically accurate ways in school curriculums. Join us in a world feast of music, spirit and sharing though the use music, folklore, and poetry to share a message of love, laughter, hope and harmony.