Spiritual Laughter

Programs especially designed to assist in addiction recovery and anger management are available for recovering addicts through a special program called “Spiritual Laughter” which allows individuals to learn to gently feel joy through emotional cleaning by learning how to experience emotions through natural means and not numbing them by addictions. Participants learn the about the affects of addiction to food, pornography. alcohol and drugs on the brain and nervous system and explore the use of both medical and alternative programs available to help repair the body from harmful toxins. This program is designed to be an additional and effective sobriety measure to compliment, NOT to replace any twelve step therapeutic or rehabilitative program. Individuals may be referred through their doctor, counselor or pastor, and must be screened for depression. Participants are encouraged to explore principles of Spirituality and Service as well a daily meditation practice.

Laughter Lawyer is also proud to serve as Goodwill Ambassador to the Anasazi Foundation, a wilderness program which is non-coercive and utilizes positive principles to foment better relationships between at-risk children and their families. If you have a loved one that is suffering from serious addiction and requires an in-patient treatment program which will encourage family reunification contact. www.anasazi.org