Debra came to our annual staff retreat and was a wonderful trainer who got us all laughing and relaxed so we could do our serious business! Thanks Debra!

Linda Seely

Debra’s Laughter Lawyer Leader presentations are an excellent team building presentation for a group or company. Smiles are on all in the room, and everyone has a great time. Stress is immediately reduced among those in the room, and the exercises and information she provides assures that when stress creeps in at a later time, one will be ready to deal with pushing it out the window!

Carolyn Bendall
Image consultant, writer, BOCI SHARE TV;
Host at Your True Colours – Image Radio

Debra is a great inspiration to all people that seek her help; she is dedicated and a great servant of Memphis and the Shelby County community. Because of her influence she has succeeded in empowering Hispanic women, many have accomplished successful businesses, and great careers in their lives through her influence. She is a great human being who with her sweet yet sturdy ways has helped many people in our community.

Ivette Baldizon
Assistant to County Mayor on Multicultural and Hispanic Affairs Office at Shelby County Government/Adjunt Trainer

I recently invited Debra Norwood to come to our International Paper Foodservice – Customer Service Team Meeting after learning of her participation with Laughter Lawyer USA. Our meeting was held in a conference room at our International Paper World Headquarters in Memphis, TN. Our Team has had a lot of challenges this year with co-workers out on Medical Leave which has left us a bit short on coverage in the Restaurant/Foodservice/Paper Cup, Plates, Food Container industry. We service large chain Quick Service Restaurants as well as the Theatre Concession industry. Our lead-times on orders from our customers have a fast turnaround which can increase the stress level for our department when we have fewer employees in our department. When I learned of Debra’s participation as Laughter Lawyer I knew it would be of interest to our group to give some emotional relief during our busy cold cup season.

Debra proved me to be exactly right. We had an hour filled with real stories that we could relate to and stress along with fun antidotes. We participated in a laughter circle which included some breathing exercises and laughter vocalization. These exercises and vocalizations – “whoa whoa” and “ha ha” put us all in a different mind frame and actually works both sides of the brain and helps boost the immune system. We also learned of the importance of incorporating some principles for good hearted living each day of the week: Mondays = Compliments; Tuesday = Flexibility; Wednesdays = Gratitude; Thursdays = Acts of Kindness; Fridays= Forgiveness and Weekends = Chocolate – which interprets to R&R (rest & relaxation). The session gave us an insight to how we can look for the laughter that is around us daily and opened our group to seeing each other in a different light as we had a enjoyable time with the activities. I would highly recommend the Laughter Lawyer to any group needing a “de-stresser.” It gives individuals the opportunity to learn skills that can help them to cope with the everyday stresses in our busy lives in very useful ways.

Dodie Moseley
Order Management
International Paper Foodservice

Debra Norwood is a friend, a collegue and above all a visionary. She foresaw the need for certified interpreters in the Shelby County Criminal Courts before there was even a training process, the need for International Humanitarian Law training before the scandals on torture came up and before 9/11. Debra worked on programs to cover the need for emergency preparedness for various minority groups before the serious flooding ocurred in our area in 2010. Now Debra is warning us that our children must be trained in conflict resolution skills and laughter, kindness and gratitude so that they can be prepared for the future and all of the challenges they may face. She was right so many times before…I would listen!

Elizabeth Ayerdis
Spanish language Interpreter, Educator, Community Activist